Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's Altamira Inspiration

One of my top places for perusing for outfit inspirations is Altamira. My latest outfit love is this one worn by model Taylor Warren. I thought it was just so cute for casually walking around, doing a bit of window shopping, and grabbing a bite to eat with my hubs (basically our Friday nights). It's easy to pull together and still cool enough for those balmy summer evenings, so, big thumbs up from this S. FLa girl. So I pulled together my own little interpretation with the goal of making it as wallet friendly as possible...with one exception:

Altamira 1

First I popped over to the trusty Forever 21 to see what basic pieces I could find:
Vest: $20
Skirt: $7
Cuff: $6
When it came to the T-shirt, I loved how comfy and over sized it was. So I figured that the perfect tee would probably be your everyday men's v-neck T.
Men's T: $10 for 2
Shoes: $19
Snag Free Elastics: $4 for 8
Last but not least, the bag. This was the priciest thing on the list. I figured, every girl needs a good bag, especially this girl. Something pretty and over sized that kicks the outfit up a notch. Besides...I really like this one :-)
Bag: $228

Yeah...I really like that bag.


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I love a simple look like this. So easy and I totally rock the big messy bun do' all the time!