Monday, September 14, 2009

It's On!

Classes are officially over and I now have 3 weeks of freedom to get back to my mischievous ideas and hair brained schemes. Over the weekend I started a little "to-do" list of tasks I would like to get done, and the list is growing and growing. First up, I'm going to tackle two areas that I stare at everyday and give me that little extra dose of frustration every morning as I attempt to rummage and find what I am looking for. The cabinet under my bathroom sink and the closet.
I usually keep all of my girly stuff under my sink. Everything from makeup to curling irons. However, it's become a bit hard to find anything lately because it is a mess down there. The closet is it's own little microcosm of chaos that needs to be addressed right away. This time, however, rather than just re-organizing my clothes, I'm planning a whole makeover!
In case your wondering, I do have that crazy look in my eye right now. It's totally on.
::Cue evil/crazy laugh::
I will document this little mission of mine...more to come!

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JennyLo said...

Good Luck! I cleaned out my closet last month. It felt so liberating. Two garbage bags full of stuff I havent worn in a while.
I have yet to tackle the under the sink area! lol