Monday, October 12, 2009

Technology hates really hates me!

"When it rains, it pours"
That's the story of my life, nothing can just trickle down and happen little by little. Nope, whether it's good or bad, everything seems to just come in one big heap, all together yelling, "Surprise!". Thus, this past week's events.
First, my phone decided to go on the fritz. I can still make phone calls, thank goodness, but I am now completely unable to do anything else outside of that. No Internet, no picture messaging, Nada. I know it doesn't sound like such a big deal to not have access to these things, but when you're a person like me that has become all cozy with the comforts of being able to access everything on my phone, it's enough to throw a mini tantrum in my car. Not that I did that already or anything. My poor husband spent 2 days on the phone with Sprint in the hopes to fix the problem. In the end, we just got a technician saying "Yeah...I don't know". Now I have to take it into the Sprint
Then, while my poor husband is trying to install a web cam we got (it's for school, I promise) the power decided to go out in the whole block. When we tried to turn the computer back wouldn't. Noooo! After a full day on the phone with technical support and $200 later, we've learned that our hard drive is completely fried and we need to buy a new one. Great. Plus, I was on the verge of tears to hear that we might loose all of our photos.

That's what I get for not backing them all up. Crap. Well, we learned our lesson, now we will back everything up! Even my little doodles in Paint! HA!
Oh well. Time to breath and regroup, because yelling at the phone and the computer will solve nothing. I can learn to live with the phone, I refuse to pay to get a new one, refuse I say! I will start writing things down again, it can be done! Fixing the computer is the first priority. We need that little guy up and running again, and I really hope we can retrieve all of our family pictures. Don't worry Computer Gods, I have learned my lesson, I will backup my files from now on.
For right now, here's a little note to my husband:
Dear Mango,
You are my hero for spending hours upon hours on the phone trying to fix our gadgets. I know it wasn't fun. I promise I will make it up to you!

images via Simply Seductive


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Oh...Mango Gal...I have SO been there. And here's the worst part~

I have been there SEVERAL times.

...I, apparently, don't learn so well.

Hmm. Wonder If I can work on that.

Sometimes the world tells us to just unplug. Sometimes it yells it.

JennyLo said...

I feel your pain! I lost my hard drive last week too :(. I had backed up but not for a month or so so I still lost some valuable stuff. Hang in there!