Thursday, November 12, 2009


This month's calendar has a big red star next to the words "Leaving for Mexico!" Yes, we are heading off to Mexico for the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. As the days tick by I get more and more excited at the thought of margaritas and views of the Gulf. On an even more exciting note, we're going to be traveling with some friends of ours, which I'm thinking will make the trip that much more fun.So, right now, what do I have on the brain? Clothes! Whenever I let my mind wander the first thing it goes to is what to pack for the trip. As the weeks have gone by and I have mentioned this little question that's been fluttering around in my head to my husband, he's been reminding me that I cannot bring my entire closet (I have tried to do this on past trips, turns out it doesn't fit very well in my suitcase).So I'm trying to plan ahead and will try to bring pieces that can multi-task. I'm thinking sandals, lots of flowy dresses, pretty tops to match with my favorite shorts,!
I'm thinking this might be the perfect opportunity to bring out my inner "jewelry addict". On the top of my shopping list, authentic Mexican bangles and earrings in silver. I'm hoping we'll also be able to find a great piece of art to bring home in memory of our trip.Please wish me lots of pixie packing dust, I'm going to need it being the OCD packer that I am. So what's on the top of your shopping list when you travel?


Sugar & Spice said...

Mexico! How nice!

On the top of my list would be toiletries!! lol!

Jackie said...

Oh my, what fun! Hope you have a blast. Don't forget the sunscreen, and some nice "hotel clothes" for after the margaritas. ; )

Melissa said...

Fun! It's supposed to snow at my house this weekend, so I'm really quite jealous.

When I travel I take the absolute bare minimum in the way of clothes, and I take the largest suitcase I have (or two) so that I have plenty of room to bring home all the treasures I find. No matter where I am I try to find the stuff off the beaten path, and I never buy anything I can easily buy at home unless the price is too good to resist.

Corinna White Charlton said...

these are gorgeous photos! i am also a twenty-something newlywed (and I like awesome bathrooms, urban outfitters, and cool house designs too!)- i found you from jeune marie :)