Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Boot.

I'm shopping for black leather boots. My old pair has seen better days and since I bought them when I was a teenager they're also a bit out of style. I need a pair that's more grown up, can work well with jeans or skirts, and that will last me a while. My max is $200 and even though I'm gaga over the black suede boots that are out there, I think leather would work better for me. So, right now I'm loving these bad boys: Nine West Zelipe $140 Ralph Lauren $179 Banana Republic $198

I'm taking votes! Which boot do you like best?
Can you recommend a boot that you love?
Please help me decide!


Jackie said...

My fave is the first one from Nine West. I got a pair similar to those (also Nine West) on Black Friday at the NW Outlet... for $68! I'd check the store out before you make any purchases... b/c you may be able to get both the leather and the suede boots! I too love the suede look. GL

Yocy said...

I love #1.

laura @ so alaurable said...

I love #1 too. I'm looking for a pair of boots just like this but was hoping to keep my budget around $100, especially since I so often see Nine West ones on sale. I just may have to get these. Please post what you end up deciding on!