Friday, January 8, 2010

Puppy Nap Weekend

Happy Friday my darlings!

This weekend Mango and I are going to be taking lots of cozy naps, catching up on movies, and drinking as many cups of hot cocoa as we can before S. Fla weather goes back to normal. Have a fabulous weekend! I'll see you on Monday!


Image via Sfgirlbybay


Slumber Designs said...

I didn't know your puppy was named Margo and that's where you got your blog title!... so cute!!! I learn something new everyday :-)


Mango Gal said...


Unfortunately I do not have a puppy, although I desperately want one. Mango is my little nickname for my husband, however, I will keep Margo in mind in case we ever do get one...sounds regal, perfect for how I plan to spoil our pets.