Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainy Season

Rainy season is coming up. In fact, judging by the weather the last few weeks down here in S. Fla, I'd say it's coming in a little early. I must admit though, it makes me a little excited because it gives me an excuse to dust off my rain boots. Perhaps a pretty matching umbrella and high-style trench are also in order?

Wild Rain Essemble

Rain Essemble A La Burberry

Rain Essemble 2

So many pretty combinations. A girl can daydream can't she?


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Love the Jimmy Choo for Hunter croc boots! So awesome.

Elizabeth said...

I really want to invest in a pair of Hunters, its hard to justify that much money for rubber shoes though, but they're totally classic! right?!

Mango Gal said...


I agree, they are so classic! I dream about one day owning a pair of my own. I was reading a blog post one day on WHAT I WORE that Jessica Schroder wrote about her Hunter boots. She wrote that you could see them as an investment piece, something that will be with you for years. I thought to myself, she's absolutely right! So when I do have that moment to get a pair of my own, I will get them with the conviction that I will have them forever.

Now...if I want more than one color, that's a different story.

SogniSorrisi said...

More and more I've been thinking I need a good trench. I totally fell in love with the one Emma Watson wears in the Burberry ads.