Friday, March 26, 2010

Jungle Friday

Last weekend we weeded, trimmed, and raked our way to prepping the yard for some new Spring blooms. So this weekend Mango and I are going to trek through the local nursery in search of some flowers and mulch to spruce up our front yard, and perhaps sneak in a hedge plant or two between us and the neighbors. We figured we'd get a jump on it while the scorching heat hasn't fully kicked in yet...ah, Florida.

Once we're finished I'm thinking of catching a matinee of this movie. It looks so adorable and it's getting great reviews. In case you''re wondering, yes, Mango and I are that couple without kids sitting in the movie theater with our 3D glasses on waiting just as eagerly as the 5 year olds next to us for the show to start.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Until Monday!

Images via FGR & We Heart It


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

No worries - we are also that couple, LOL.