Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pattern Mix

I was staring at my closet the other day and realized that I am in desperate need of patterns! Practically every piece of clothing I own is solid. I like solids, they make me happy, and they are easy to layer together and run out the door. However, all of the pretty patterns showing up this Spring has me thinking that its time to mix things up a bit.
A Little Bit of Pattern
A Little Bit of Pattern by Mangogal

This season I'm going to keep an eye out for flowy dresses in pretty patterns. They'll be easy no-brainers when I'm in a hurry and they'll have that extra bit of pattern that I'm looking for. And since I have an array of solid pieces in my closet already, perhaps a few pretty skirts or sandals can also do the trick? I think this means there will be a shopping trip in my future ;-)

Image via FGR


SogniSorrisi said...

I love a great pattern and this spring there are so many pretty florals out there.

lilac and rose said...

am so with you! I'm looking forward to incorporating more patterns into my spring/summer wardrobe.