Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Bee Man Cometh

Last week a hive of bees decided to make a home out of our front porch. They were coming in and out of a little slit in the porch over-hang causing me to run out of my car and into the garage like a crazy lady.
Enter Willie the Bee Man! I called and begged them to come out as soon as possible to get rid of the bees and the next day they showed up with their bee suits, spray guns...and a hammer. Yes, they made a hole in my porch ceiling to get at the hive, pulling it out in all its honeycomb glory. According to the bee dudes, this hive was small, they weren't impressed, but I was! Mango and I were snapping away taking pictures of the impressive honeycombs. The bees had just started making honey. I felt kind of bad for them afterwards, however I have spent my entire life trying to avoid bee stings, so, sorry bees, but you had to go!
Here are some of the photos we took. It's a little gross, I know, but I couldn't help it! It's just so cool!
There are the sleeves of honeycomb, they actually gave us one of the small pieces which felt like candle wax. We ended up giving it to the kids next door for show-and-tell. The dark stuff is the pile of bees and the white rocky chunks are pieces of my ceiling...gotta fix that now.Tonight Mango and I are going to attempt to patch up the hole ourselves and seal up any little openings to prevent future bees from making another "bee crib". Sorry bees!


Eli said...

I would have died!!! I am so petrified of bees..glad you got rid of them.