Friday, May 14, 2010

Couples Friday

The week has flown by and the weekend is here again. My sister is spending some quality time with the Mango and I this weekend since my parents are going off to gallivant on a beach getaway for the 28th anniversary! I can't believe it, 28 years!
While one couple celebrates their many years of marriage, this weekend my sister and I have the privilege of capturing the moments of another beginning. A young couple who's known my sister for years asked if she would photograph their wedding this Sunday. I am going to be her most gracious assistant! She's even giving me a camera. This should be fun.
Tonight she's giving me a crash course on photography.
Perhaps I'll be able to catch a shot as beautiful as this one.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Until Monday!
Image via FGR


Sugar & Spice said...

Sounds exciting!! what a great opportunity! :)