Thursday, May 6, 2010


The dreaded day had finally arrived...I'm having my wisdom teeth pulled today.
Fortunately it's only two, I had my bottom two removed a few years ago (it's a long story) and pretty much avoided having to remove the last two for as long as possible. My only comfort is that my doctor is supplying me with some lovely nitrous gas to help me relax during the procedure. I had nitrous the last time was nice.
Mango has a agreed to spend the day with me making mashed potatoes and alerting me when I begin drooling. Ahhh, that's love.


Stephanie said...

Use frozen peas - works like a charm! They mold to your face really well, at least I found they worked the best! And I always recommend them to my patients too. Keep something frozen on your cheeks for as long as you can stand it! And remember to keep your head elevated - you'll recover quicker! I'm sure you will do just fine =)

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said... to you!

ALL THAT I AM said...

Hi, just read the post you put up, and couldn't stop myself from posting here..
How are you feeling?Hope you are better..

Well, let me know if i can be of any help, i know that you are experienced from the last time, and the doctor is grt too..

P.S.(am a dentist)...
Tk cr..

laura @ so alaurable said...

Ouchy! I have an appointment Monday to get my wisdom teeth looked at. I've alway been told they don't need to come out unless they become a problem, and I think one of them has now become a problem. I'm scared! Hope it went well.

Sarah Jane said...

awe! i hope it went well and that you got to eat lots of mashed potatoes and milkshakes this weekend. i remember that pain and it's no fun:( xoxo

Sweet Nothings said...

hope ur doing better! that little pooch you posted shoud help!