Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mila and Olivia Helped

Lately, I've been craving some really girly shoes, something in a pretty color that doesn't really go with everything, but they're just so girly that I just had to have them.
You know what shoes I mean ;-)

I usually reach for the practical colors like black and nude (oddly enough it's actually been quite hard for me to find a brown shoe I like, I actually still don't have one) and tend to steer clear of the colors that "don't go with everything".

And then I saw Mila on the July cover of Lucky...
Those pretty little ruffled heels peaked my interest and then I spotted Olivia in them too...

Hello lovlies! I have finally found you!

They also come in classic black and even a bright green, but I'm in love with this soft peach color. I think Olivia made my decision, but in any case, they totally fulfill my need for uber girly heels.

Image via RDuJour and Fashion Mag