Thursday, July 15, 2010

Adventures in Asheville Part 1

We had so much fun on our trip to Asheville visiting Mango's parents and as an extra bonus, my parents and sister also joined in on the action for a mini family vacay...
Sitting with my sister watching a light show courtesy of the lightening bugs...My father-in-law's pride and joy, the Dune Buggy. It was originally his father's and the first time I saw it, it was merely a shell. He built it all by himself and even put in a back seat "for the future grand-kids" ;-)Walking around Biltmore Square and doing a little shopping...We walked into JCrew where I found my beloved panama hat! Being the loving husband that he is, Mango treated me to it. This is Brandy, the family Golden Retriever...and this is her kingdom, the backyard.Boat day on Lake James!My expression in this photo reminds me of this...That's me holding on for my dear life...and that's my poor brother-in-law.

All of these awesome images were taken by my sister because I was to lazy to take out my camera.


jenna @ alittlebleu said...

love the panama hat! great buy :)