Friday, July 23, 2010

Rainy Friday

This morning I grabbed my rain boots and umbrella, and stepped outside to brave the rainy day courtesy of Tropical Storm Bonnie.
I'm hoping that the rain continues over the weekend so that I have an excuse to stay in watching old movies and making popcorn. I think I might stop by the grocery store and pick up some supplies for a recipe I've been wanting to try. For some reason rainy days make me want to cook.
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Have a fabulous weekend everyone!
Image via We Heart It


Fé... said...

It's been raining again and again in town last month, that I wished it would stop. But now that it's all sunny and hot, I'm starting to miss rainy days... :( Have a wonderful weekend yourself, Mango gal!

~wlinn said...

Your blog is wonderful!
question : is that girl on the picture you? :)
It's raining in sweden too and I hope it will continue.

Would you mind checking out my blog that I've just started?

Have a good weekend!