Thursday, July 22, 2010

White Whale

There are certain items in the shopping universe that over time, have become my "white whale". I think everyone has a white whale on their shopping list, those things that you search high and low for and can't seem to find. Well, for this lady Ahab, my elusive white whale is the brown pump. I can't seem to find a pair I like anywhere! Just a basic brown pump, is that too much to ask? And then I spotted them on Olivia, those gorgeous cognac, platform Christian Louboutin pumps are exactly what I've been looking for. Aren't they gorgeous?Every time I see a photo of her, first thing I look for are those shoes. She actually wears them very often, which makes me love them even more. You see? Brown pumps can go with practically everything, why aren't there more out there? I've searched high and low for those same pumps in the hopes that they may be a future anniversary present, but alas, they are no longer available. I'm crossing my fingers that they come back. I found these lovelies, however they're patent, I would love a supple, leather pump. You see what I mean...white whale.
What's your shopping "white whale"?

Images via Vogue London, WhoWhatWear, and Style Bistro


Moonbeams and Kumquats said...

I've been in the market for the perfect Patterned Beach Wrap Dress. It's actually something that I made up in my head, but there should be one in reality. I think it's a perfect solution to sticky beach skin, being cute, and looking slim. Honestly, I haven't been searching as much as I should...I'm afraid the summer is gonna run out before I find it.

Bridget said...

that should not be too hard to find but i totally know what you mean! the black flat has been that way for me before.

Tracey said...

Recently found my perfect vintage handbag at a Paris flea market, now i just need to find a dining room refectory style table. I've been looking for years!

Fé... said...

She's such a beautiful girl, she can get away with almost every fashion item. I heart her! Her style is over the top!