Friday, August 20, 2010

Yey for Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!

I'm feeling good today, mainly because I reached my goal of exercising for at least an hour three different days this week. Before I got married, I used to exercise all the time, and for the past 2 years exercise just sort of fell by the wayside as I enjoyed marital bliss. I started feeling unhealthy and sluggish, so I decided to not only amp up my diet, but to start moving! So I am proud to say, I did it! Yey!
My goal is to keep it up for the next few months until our vacation in November. So wish me lots of exercise fairy dust!
This morning the hubs and I made a date to spend the evening on the beach watching the sunset with some sandwiches for dinner and a book. The rest of the weekend we're planning on dedicating some much needed attention to our very neglected backyard and I'm hoping to lure my husband into this movie with the promise of unlimited popcorn. Let's hope it works ;-)
Have a fabulous weekend!
Image via I Suwannee