Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beauty Review: Lashes & Lips

Last weekend I popped into my local Sephora to stock up on two of my makeup bag necessities: mascara and Rosebud Salve. It took me three years to finish that little tin of salve, but I absolutely love it and had to get another one right away. While I was there I figured I'd get a new mascara since my current one was hitting the three month mark.
When it comes to mascara, I'm a huge fan of DiorShow mascara, however my only issue was that since my eye lashes are so thin, the huge brush made it difficult to catch every lash. So, I decided to give it's cousin a try, DiorShow Unlimited.
I'm loving this mascara. The formula has the same lash intensfying, lengthening, and volumizing magic of the original DiorShow, but the brush is smaller and slightly curved, allowing me to get every lash. If you have sparse lashes like I do, give this one a try and as an extra bonus, the tube is thinner, making it more makeup bag friendly.I've been wanting to try this lipgloss since it first came out. I was so intrigued by the whole "changes color according to your lip tone" idea. The lip-gloss gods must have known that I was going to be there that day because Sephora currently has it on promotion for $10 (normally $22). I brought a tube home with me and since then haven't been able to stop wearing it. It's a perfect addition to my daily routine because it adds just a hint of color and keeps my lips! Now I'm tempted to try the blush and noir versions.

*Opinions are my own