Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Closet, It's On

I'm preparing to undertake a rather large project this weekend. I have a feeling it will probably take more than one weekend until the project is done, but I'm excited to get started...I'm making over my closet!

No, this is not a just a reorganization effort, I'm talking the full enchilada here, as in paint will be involved. Lately I have found my closet to be less than inspiring, but before I run out and start attempting to fix it via retail therapy, I decided to make the closet into our own little boutique. I say "our" because my poor husband has to share it with me, which means that his things are often over powered by mine.

My plan of attack is as follows:1. Edit! Edit! Edit! and Edit.
As much as it pains me to get rid of those jeans that I practically lived in during high school, they gotta go. Everything will be taken out, tried on, and eliminated if I have not wore it in the past year, is ill-fitting, and out-of-date. Everything will be donated or if possible, sold, but it's gotta go. Hopefully we will be left with a closet of pieces we love and use, and can slowly build on. 2. Clean and Paint
My vacuum will be my best friend and we will get every nook and cranny in that closet. Oh yes we will...dust bunnies I'm coming for you.
I plan on digging into my leftover-from-other-rooms paint arsenal and painting the walls something subtle, but pretty enough to make the white shelving pop a bit. As is, the white, builder painted walls are scuffed and ugly. I'm hoping a fresh coat of paint will make everything a bit more polished. 3. Accessories and Storage
I plan on having a bit of fun here, perhaps diving into a few DIY projects. My t-shirts, sweaters, and tanks are currently folded on shelves and look like Leaning Tower of Pisa. Removing my favorite T from the pile is like a game of Jenga. I figured I could remedy the problem with nice storage boxes to keep them organized and less "pile like".

To make the closet more boutique-ish, I'm going to use pretty hooks, knobs, and other fun items to display jewelry and keep things like belts and scarfs organized.

I wish I had a pretty tabletop to display flowers like Tamara Mellons over here, but the knobs will do.
4. Enjoy and Shop with Care ;-)
Once this project is done I anticipate my husband walking in and finding me sitting in the middle of the closet enjoying all of its splendor. After so much work, I promise to shop carefully, only choosing pieces that fit fabulously and will stand the test of time. Therefore, no more buying things simply because they are a bargain or because of the label...yes, I am guilty of it.
Are there any big projects you plan on tackling soon?


Anonymous said...

What a fun project! Good luck :)
Can't wait to see the pics!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I'm looking to do something very similar but we have so many outdoor projects left to do unless there is bad weather the closet will have to wait. It seems like fall appeared out of no where.

Morning T said...

My post today was on closet envy with some similar, grand and gorgeous 'celeb' closets! I will take on the season switch in my closet in the coming weeks. Still too hot here in Houston to even think about it.
I'm off to check out more of your blog.