Friday, June 17, 2011

Dree Weekend

What is it about Dree? Perhaps it's because she's Ernest's granddaughter and that's why she's so fascinating to see? Or is it that she can make eating a burger and a milkshake look glamorous? Either way, I can't get enough of her editorials, they're always so much fun.

Happy Friday!

I know this might sound weird but this weekend is actually going to be full of a lot of errands. Lots of things that need to get done and finished up, I sort of have half-finished projects all over the house. They sort of just keep looking at me saying "Finish me please!", alright projects, you win. Maybe I'll make a little pit stop by my local burger place and take a little break from all of my productivity a la' Dree. Sounds like a plan.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! See you on Monday!

Photo by Tommy Ton for Vogue Japan July 2011 via ZAC


Once Upon a Tulip said...

Hi there! I love your blog, especially your "image of the day" posts. So cute! I recently started my own, maybe you can stop by sometime! Happy Friday!