Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year, New Projects

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, the past couple of weeks I've been super busy with RBP, which has taken me away from my beloved blogging time. Those who follow me on Pinterest, however, will see that I've been busy pinning when I can!

When the new year arrived I looked around the house and resolved to finally finish all those half-started projects that I have around the house. I have supplies hidden in corners all over the place with the promise to my husband that I will finish them soon even though they end up sitting there for months. To clear up all the clutter I'm starting off the new year by finishing off all of these projects, which of course will lead eventually to new ones, but that's beside the point ;-)

I decided to start off with one of the biggest projects I've been meaning to start, the home office. As of right now, it's very disorganized and full of clutter since I've been stashing away all of our RBP stuff in there. Before I started the business, this space was mainly used to keep important paperwork and the office closet works as half of my husband's closet. I decided to take advantage of the long weekend to start working on the space to make it a functioning home office. 

Here's the battle plan so far...

I was inspired by the bulletin board that Bryn created for her home office...
Using her tutorial here, I already have the fabric, spray adhesive, and cork-boards, but I'm still on the hunt for the metal tacks to create the trim. I bought two so that I can hang them side-by-side and use them to pin up all those little notes that usually end up on the desk.

Next is the furniture. We currently have a desk and cabinet from Ethan Allen that look similar to this one:
Except the drawers are in the same wood as the desk top. I'm planning on painting the black part of the desk white and leaving the wood parts as is to create a sort of white/wood combo and lighten it up a bit.my office
Last we just need some accessories to finish off the room. Yesterday I took advantage of my day off and headed over to Ikea to buy the Expedit shelf in white and a few baskets to put in it. Over time I'm hoping to add some more lighting in the room (I love those horse-head lamps from West Elm) and a few fun office accessories to curtail all of those paper piles. For the desk I definitely need to get a new chair since our current one has seen better days, and I'll probably change out the knobs on the desk to something a bit more fun. 

So that's the plan for now, I'll take photos of everything as it goes along. Stay tuned!

*First two images from BrynAlexandra and Ethan Allen. Collage created by me*