Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rugs from Genevieve

I always tend to be the last one to hear about things, so please forgive this post if you've already heard about the awesomeness that is HGTV's Geneveive Gorder's new line of rugs

In my world the perfect rug is my "white whale", and when I say perfect I mean it's chic looking, the size I need, right material, won't fall apart easily, and most of all in my budget. You'd think there would be a lot of options out there, but turns out they are few and far between. This explains why I began clapping in excitement when I saw these bad boys...
Each pattern comes in four different colors and in rug-world the pricing is not crazy for wool rugs with these on-trend patterns. I would really love to see them in person or at least read some reviews on them to see how they hold up. I'm going to keep an eye on them and see what the blogosphere says, here's hoping!

Images from Capel Rugs