Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My 30s + Skincare

In September I turn 29, which means that the next decade in my life, the 30s, is right around the corner. This realization has really start to hit home lately because I've been noticing changes in my skin and body, and being the overly analytic person that I am I've been researching changes I should be making in my current routine to help my skin and my body be healthier. 

I'm a huge believer in prevention, so I've been scouring the internet trying to find those key "must-dos" to prevent skin damage and premature ageing. To start, here's my current skincare routine:
My Skincare Now
As you can see I'm a fan of Perricone MD products, especially the Citrus Facial Wash and the Firming Facial Toner. I use these two in the morning and at night everyday to cleanse and tone my skin. For the day I use the Bright Eyes eye cream, which smells like melons and is super rich. Then I use Peter Thomas Roth's Moisture Defense Lotion. It took me to a long time to find a daily moisturizer I liked that didn't make my skin oily but still had high SPF. This one has SPF 30 and absorbs into my skin right away, I love it! At night I'll use the O-Mega moisturizer, which is rich but still light for my normal-oily skin. For blemishes I love Clinique's Emergency Gel, and 2-3 times a week I exfoliate with Philosophy's Microdelivery Wash

So that's my routine right now in a nutshell. Basically I've just been focusing on moisturizing, using SPF, and toning. After doing some research, here are some things I learned about must-dos in your 30s:

1. Exfoliate - Cell turnover decreases, so your going to need to get those skin cells off by exfoliating a few times a week for a healthy glow.
2. Feed and Protect - Antioxidants and SPF are needed even more now
3. Pimp up your nightly regimen - now is a good time to start adding a serum to your routine, from everything I've read for my skin, something with a Retinol sounds good
4. Water and Food - drink more and eat more green!
New Routine
I'm already exfoliating my skin, but I only do it about 2 times a week, so I think it's time to amp it up to at least 3 times a week since I'm starting to notice that my skin looks duller faster. The ROC Night Treatment from what I've seen has great reviews as a retinol night treatment that is over the counter and won't break the bank. I'm thinking this might be a good product to start with at night with my regular moisturizer. Since my skintone is not as even anymore as it was in my early 20s, I'm thinking its time to start using a tinted moisturizer during the day for some extra coverage. Estee Lauder's BB Creme has been getting rave reviews and it has the antioxidants and SPF I'm looking for. However I'm not giving up on my regular daily moisturizer, I'll reserve that for the weekends and under my foundation. I recently started using these Yes to Carrots Face Wipes to removed my makeup when I get home from work, they are awesome...love! And last, but not least, EAT BETTER! More water and greens! 

So those are the changes I plan on making this year in my skincare routine. I am by no means an expert, these are just the things that I've seen recommended and that I will be trying for my skin-type. 

Any tips, suggestions, or experiences on how you've changed your skincare over the years? I'd love to know!