Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Here!

Hello lovelies! Sorry for the radio silence over the past week. Truth is that it has been ca-razy over here, seems like one thing after another, and unfortunately it has left me with little time to post all the happenings here on the blog. 

This past weekend we celebrated my parents 30th (!) anniversary with a quiet dinner at one of their favorite restaurants with the grandparents, which each have an impressive 55+ years of marriage themselves.Tony and I are about to hit the 5 year mark this January, it was pretty amazing to be in the company of couples talking about their marriages of so many years. 
My sister bought these little wooden figures and I painted them the best I could to match what they looked like on their wedding day, I can't help but giggle when I look at them. 

Jack is getting huge. Last weekend he weighed in at just under 17 pounds, when he entered our lives he was just a wee 7 pounds. Little guys has already gained 10 pounds in a little over a month!

He's starting training classes in two weeks, Tony is already trying to put him ahead of the class by teaching him to sit, "lay down" isn't working as well, he prefers to do some sort of "jazz hands" thing. Oh well.

Right now I'm obsessed with reading these two books...

I read about Mom Inc. on Oh Joy and placed my order right away. We're not planning on having kids right now, but the idea of reading a book filled with real-life experiences of women who balance running their own businesses and being a mom sounded like a good idea. Rubber Boots Photography is my dream and the good thing is that I'm getting busier and busier with it, so I figured I'd be proactive and start doing my homework now. Which brings me to my other read, the brilliant Elizabeth Messina's new book "The Luminous Portrait". I've always loved her work, it's so ethereal, and in her book she writes about how she approaches her art, so naturally I haven't put this baby down. 

This weekend we're heading to the Keys to photograph these two lovely people saying "I Do"...

Life is good :-) Have a wonderful long weekend! See you Tuesday!

*Photos from anniversary party and of Jack taken by my sister and I. Last photo by Rubber Boots Photography.*