Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Off to the Keys!

I have to say, this past weekend was an absolute blast. In my previous pot I mentioned that Mango and I wanted to go to the beach on Saturday to work on our pale selves. While sitting at breakfast and talking about which beach we wanted to go to, we both had an epiphany...the Keys! So we ran home packed an overnight bag and drove down to Key West. This was our first impromptu getaway as a newly married couple and it was everything I thought it would be, relaxing, fun, and 100% "us time".

This weekend was undeniably one of the hottest weekends in South Florida this year, reaching the upper 90s. So, while we intended to ride the entire way down with the radio blasting and wind blowing through our hair, we had the windows up and the AC blasting. Key West is full of amazing little bed and breakfast places that are based out of the old homes in key west. For a splurge worthy price per night you get to stay in a beautiful historic home and if your lucky, get served a home made breakfast by a night time drag queen (they make the best muffins!). We were fortunate enough to have found the Southernmost Hotel at the end of Duval Street. On their property are two old homes that they made into a bed and breakfast. The rooms were beautiful and the breakfast was amazing, however I was a little disappointed that it was served to us by a boring chef, but oh well. We spent most of our weekend walking up and down Duval Street visiting the little shops and art galleries, of course making a pit stop at the Key Lime Pie Factory for a slice of pie, and Peppers. Peppers of Key West is a special place, where your taste buds will get pushed to the point of tears while sitting at their tasting bar trying the dozens of hot sauces that they specialize in. My husband is a hot sauce aficionado and was willing to take on the challenge of try their hottest hot sauce, or as they called it, a "hot shot". Even though he turned red and even started to sweat a little bit, he handled the "hot shot" like a pro.

This weekend gave us a chance to unwind and getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle, not to mention, in all of our mischief...we managed to get a tan!


Jackie said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Every Friday night I mention to DH if we could drive down to KW, my favorite getaway. He always turns me down. Maybe for our anniversary I'll convince him!

Glad you had some R&R and alone time in!

Mango Gal said...

Sounds like a fun anniversary trip! Go for it!