Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Friday!

Well, it looks like summer is officially here in South Florida. The hot sun and humidity have already started to sneak up on us and my poor flower garden looks like it's been planted in the Sahara. However, now that summer is here the Mango and I plan on going from translucent to a nice bronze tan, hopefully we don't get to ambitious and end up walking away from the beach looking like a couple of lobsters! My grandmothers struck the fear in my heart of the harmful effects of the sun on your skin since I was a child, as a result, I am on of those people you see at the beach slathering on sunscreen of the highest SPF known to man. My husband on the other hand, swears he has super powers and prefers not to wear any sun protection, ironically, he's more lobster prone that I am. So, basically while he's lying on the sand soaking in the rays and dreaming of ice cold Coronas, I proceed to tackle him down and apply sunscreen on for him, needless to say, we run out of sunscreen rather quickly.

Along with the bright sun and the coconut smell of SPF, summer comes with the need to grill! Great food on a hot summer day is just one of those things that bring you back to being a kid again. While perusing one of my favorite blogs Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, I visited her cooking section, which is full of great recipes! Her latest recipe of Pineapple Skewered Shrimp looks sooooooo yummy! I am definitely going to try it tomorrow if the Mango and I are still able to raise our lobster arms. The great thing about her recipes is that she posts step by step pictures of the dish as she makes it, which is fantastic for me because usually while I'm following a recipe the words, "Is it supposed to look like this???" inevitably leave my mouth. Here's the tasty recipe:
Peeled, Deveined Jumbo Shrimp
Teriyaki Sauce
Chopped Garlic
Sliced Green Onions
Canned Pineapple Chunks, juice reserved
Lemon juice
(Optional ingredients: lime zest, red pepper flakes, minced fresh ginger, chopped jalapenos)
Make a marinade by combining Teriyaki sauce with remaining ingredients and reserved pineapple juice. Feel free to add whatever ingredients sound good! Stir in peeled/deveined jumbo shrimp and marinate at least a couple of hours. Skewer pineapple chunks with the shrimp and grill until done.
I hope everyone has a great weekend, until Monday! Hopefully I will come back slightly tanner and happy that my shrimp experiment was a success!