Monday, May 19, 2008

We got a Wii...need I say more?

We have officially crossed over to the other side and become "Wii fanatics"! My husband brought it home Friday night and we have been playing it all weekend, night and day. I always considered myself old school, never really liked the crazy X-box or PlayStation 3s, instead I always gravitated to my Nintendo. First it was that gray and white Nintendo box and then the Supernintendo, most of all I loved my favorite video game characters Mario and Luigi. However, now, the Wii has taken my childhood video game past time to a whole new level. The first game Mango bought was Mario Kart, dear lord am I obsessed with that game! Our main goal this weekend, aside from making it on time to a graduation party that merely stole 4 hours way from our Wii time, was to make it to the Star Cup! Friday night he handed me this little wheel controller so that I could play, and since then I was hooked.

Now you might be asking, "Well, what about getting out for some exercise?" Never fear! Wii Tennis is here! Once our legs went numb from too much Mario Kart, we switched gears for a game of Wii Tennis. Eventually the game got so competitive that we had to stand on separate sides of the room so that we wouldn't get in each others way!

Maybe tomorrow I'll practice my short game on Wii golf...


Lou @ The Higher Nest said...

We loooooover our Wii. Hubs is trying to convince me to get the Wii Fit now, which I do want, but not sure we have the room for...I hate that he's always better at the games than me, by the way! Our newest obsessions are Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy.