Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Four-Day Weekend!

I've always loved Memorial Day weekend, it's a great way to kick off the summer. This one in particular I am very excited about because there is so much to do!

Item #1: Our home

So little by little, Mango and I have been working on the house. We painted the master bedroom and bath, hung up curtains, and installed some flippin' awesome bedside lamps. Already, these little changes have made a world of difference, however, we are feeling particularly ambitious this weekend and have decided to do a little more. During our Key West trip we fell in love with the decor of our hotel bathroom, particularly the three glass shelves that they placed over the toilet. We thought it would look fantastic in our bathroom sink area and decided to go for it. After much searching (I had no idea how expensive these shelves were!), believe it or not I found some affordable ones at Restoration Hardware. I took full and complete advantage of their summer sale and found these beauties:

What intrigued us was the fact that they used different shelves, so I got two of the second one and 1 of the top one. When the package arrived the the pretty Restoration Hardware logo on it, I began jumping up and down with glee. Hopefully, tomorrow, my husband will wip out his magical leveling tool and screw driver and put them up for me!

Next up, is painting the office and the office bathroom. My husband's only requests was that I did not turn it into a "girly" office (I think the fact that I put a lamp with flowers on the shade scared him a little) and that he wanted the room painted grey. So I went off in search of some room inspiration and found this in the new Pottery Barn catalogue:

Since we already have black office furniture, I loved the bright green accents and combination with the tan. I figured we'd paint the room and neutral grey color and use this color combination in the office... I promise it will be as manly as possible.

Item #2: The in-laws are comming into town

How will we work on the house and entertain family you ask? Well, what can I say, I'm crazy that way. However, it can be done! They're staying at a hotel on the beach since they want some sun time. The Mango and I are looking at this as a brilliant thing, mainly because we know we are going to be exausted with the all of our home improvement ideas and will be able to escape to the beach and spend time with our family in the afternoon. Plus, it's a four day weekend, so there's more than enough time (I hope). Maybe I'll kidnap my mother-in-law and hit the Memorial Day sales!

Item #3: Belated Parent's Anniversary Dinner

My parents anniversary dinner has been in the waiting for a week now, hopefully this will be a chance for all of the family to get together and catch up on things!

Item #4: Get garage sale ready!

Next weekend is our community garage sale and I am so excited! Garage sales have always gotten my mom and I excited, we loved rummaging through peoples items in the hopes of finding something amazing. However, this time, I am a seller. Last time we did the community garage sale, my husband and I were engaged and he had never really experienced it in all it's glory. The smell of the morning Dunkin' Donuts coffee, people walking by pretending not to be interested, and the amazing feeling of making your first sale, walking away and saying, "I can't believe that sold!". This weekend, while making things pretty and new, I am also going to be tagging up a storm for everything that must go!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! May you accomplish lots and relax even more!