Tuesday, June 3, 2008

AHA! Pendants!

Like organizing under my bathroom sink and Paris Hilton's cheapy looking extensions, I just cannot wrap my brain around how to decorate our dining room. So everyday I look at endless amounts of pictures for inspiration and tear out magazine pages for my house binder. While I've pretty much settled on the window treatment for the gigantuous sliding glass door in the room, I have now moved on to lighting, mainly the chandelier for above our dining room table.

Our dining table originally belonged to my parents, I was so excited to get it because I had always loved it, however it has a little bit more of a tradition feel than the contemporary flare that we are going for in our home. So, I figured I would punch it up with modern pieces, basically your mixing and matching of styles, something that I have come to love in a lot of my inspiration pics. While looking through the website House to Home, I noticed a great alternative to the chandelier that you normally see in the dining room and fell in love. The round pendant lamps look like they would be the perfect solution and will give that room the perfect punch of spunkiness that we're looking for.

I found this one at Crate and Barrel:

Or this beauties from Potterybarn:

And this simple one from Design Public:

Since we have an open floor plan with the dining room and kitchen, I thought this one from West Elm would look pretty in the kichen:


Jackie said...

Oh Mangoette, I love this idea! What a great concept. We purchased a chandelier (an inexpensive one at Home Depot to fill the void), but neither one of us are in love with it. These are great!

My favorites are the first PB and the last sample! GL decorating!

Kayla said...

Ooo, I love those pendants from Pottery Barn! What a beautiful look with the mixing of styles! Even though you have a traditional table, I think that adding contemporary accents and maintining a simple,organic feel will help you achieve the modern look that you're going for! Good luck and congrats on your newlywed status! :)


P.S. Thank you for adding my blog to your favorites! I'm very flattered!

Indira said...

I am soooo getting one of these!!! thanks for the idea. It's modern, chic and not bulky, fits perfectly in our apartment! :)