Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Lover's Portrait by Fleur Northcote

While reading one of my favorite wedding blogs, Perfect Bound, I read about the artist Fleur Northcote who is famous for her Lover's Portraits. I thought they were so cool and original, a great way to incorporate a piece of art into your home that is personal to you. Her studio is called Phunk Lab, there you can send her a picture of your choice where she will create a stencil drawing. For the background, Fleur will ask you to choose from a variety of written texts ranging from poems to new paper articles. One couple's portrait featured e-mails that they had written to each other during their long distance relationship. The most important thing about the picture you send she said, was that it captured a moment between the couple...I love it! Here's an example of how she translated the piece above:
To place an order you can visit her lab here, or you can visit her Etsy shop. One of my favorite finds, was her blog, a great and fun look into the life of an artist.


tamsterg said...

I can do that for you now that I have my most deliciously awesome camera ;D

Hooked on Houses said...

These are SO cool! Thanks for showing these. They'd make a great wedding gift for a couple, wouldn't they? -Julia

Jackie said...

awesome! love it.