Friday, August 1, 2008

"There's nothing I can't do better in heels"

What is it about Europe? Everyday I check out the Sartorialist blog for my fix of fashion from around the world and what stands out to me is how pretty the women dress on a daily basis. You hardly see a picture of them wearing pants or jeans, instead the daily uniform seems to consist of a beautiful dress, great pair of heels, gorgeous, but useful handbag, and carefree makeup and hair. It makes me wonder, "why don't I dress more like that?" Well right off the bat I can tell you one answer...I work in a lab. The environment practically begs that you come in wearing clothes comparable to "painting clothes". They should be nice and presentable, however if you happen to spill bright magenta stain on them (it's happened to me before) or burn them, you won't be to bummed about it. Another reason, on the weekends, I'm usually running around like a chicken without a head which means I'm one of those that puts on a cute pair of shorts and T-shirt, my sandals and head out the door.
However, looking at these photos on a regular basis remind me of the very fact that it is fun to be a girl! Which is why, even if I'm just wearing shorts, I gotta try to make it cute and eventually work my way up to rocking the dress and heels on a regular basis like our Euro female counterparts. When I can, I'll glam it up for the Mango, and I must admit, I feel a new sense of confidence. I think Ivana Trump said it the best when she stated, "There is nothing I can't do better in heels!"
You go girl!