Wednesday, July 2, 2008

An Ode to the Outdoors

4th of July weekend is finally here, which means I get a day off of work and time to spend with my family. Normally I would love to have invited family and friends over and watch Mango grill (he's really good at it), however our back patio is severely lacking in the style department, as in, it doesn't have any. So while most of this weekend will be spent at my parents with their lovely patio, next year our patio will be guest ready. Since I know that once summer ends stores will start marking down their outdoor furniture prices, I started looking at some pictures for inspiration and these were some of my favorites.

So far what I love is:
1. Lanterns and lots candles for lighting
2. Comfy seating reminiscent of the indoors
3. Architectural pieces
4. Bright, bold colors


JennyLo said...

I loooove this! You have inspired me! My th backyard is just grass right now. Let me know if you need a shopping buddy for the patio stuff! I love a good bargain!