Monday, August 4, 2008

My Muses of the Week: Vogue and Fashion Addict's Diary

Happy Monday!

Like I promised, it's officially Mangonett's Fashion Week! Get ready because this is going to be a lot of fun! This week I have not one, but two Muses of the Week, I couldn't really decide between the two. There are so many great fashion blogs out there, I'll probably be mentioning more of them in the future. However this week, these are my favorite two...

Vogue's Style File Fashion Blog
How can you mention fashion and not talk about the go-to place for everything fabulous, Vogue? One of the oldest magazines in the fashion world, this is the place you go to for hardcore, up-to-trend news. However, since it's hard for me to wait for the issue every month, I was pleased to discover that they have a fashion blog! It's authored by several writers who collaborate and report about hot fashion items and news from the fashion world. I love their feature called "Model Behavior" which features different models from around the world, both super and up-and-coming, my favorites are the quirky ones!

Fashion Addict Diary:
Above is the picture of the fashion addict herself...hello, you are not alone. This has quickly become one of my favorite blog reads because she combines her sassy wit with awesome fashion news and great editorial pics. I just can't stop scrolling down the page and reading older posts. Her daily fashion accounts are short and sweet, usually filled with great photos that leave you wanting to go out there and hit the mall. If you aching for even more great fashion blogs, check out the amazing blog roll. It's definitely not helping this fashion addict!