Friday, August 1, 2008

One Villain, Two Villain, Three Villain...

I'm so excited! According to the Queen of all Media, Perez Hilton, the next two villains for the Batman movies are about to be cast. Who can they be you ask?
Apparently the next Batman movie will feature "The Riddler" as the next villain and the role is being offered to none other than the genius Johnny Depp! I'm particularly excited about this because Depp has a way of twisting a role into his own. Jim Carey did a pretty good job as the last Riddler, so this should be fun.

Next up, is the fishy "Penguin", not one of my favorite characters, however interesting none the less. It's rumored that the role is being offered to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, the same actor that did a brilliant job in "Capote".
To read the article, click here.
* Latest in Batman Villain news:
There's a rumor that the new "Catwoman" could be the always fabulous Angelina Jolie! According to reports she was inquiring about the role. I think she would awesome, another quirky actor that I am sure will take the villain to a whole new level! To read the story click here.


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