Friday, August 1, 2008

You better work!

Not sure if you guys know this about me yet, but like most people, I go tend to go through phases where I am obsessed, nay, passionate about something. Mango has learned to spot it when he sees that I have a crazy look in my eye and tend to daydream while he's talking to me. For the past 6 months, I have lived in breathed decor, any magazine, catalogue, blog , or whatever I could find about it, I would read. However, lately another fixation has creeped into my! Perhaps it's that this part of my brain has been deprived of thinking about it for the past 6 months, since most of my brain power has gone towards the house, that now it's screaming for some attention.

As a result I declare next week, "Mangonett's Fashion Week!".
Stay tuned for posts about everything from shoes and accessories to fashion blogging. I hope everyone is going to have a great weekend! See you on Monday!