Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping with the Sartorialist

Can you tell I love this blog? Usually I'm always delving through fashion magazines to find out the latest fashions and what I need to update my closet. However, lately I've been finding a lot of my shopping must haves on The Sartorialist! Why not? These are portraits of real people, not some weird couture model, bonus, they're always incredibly stylish! Here are some of my faves:Dark slim fit pants and jeans, waist length jackets, and comfy knits

Opaque black tights, above the knee skirts, and fun prints

Sunglasses are a must here in sunny Florida. Big frames are my favorite, I like the dark red frames in this they look great with bangs!

Big, soft leather bag to carry everything I need during the weekBold print tees

Vintage inspired looks


tamsterg said...

that's a DUDE in some of those pix!!!

Mango Gal said...

The graphic T right? I wasn't sure, LOL