Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Lay Like a Rug

I am currently on a mission which is slowly becomming an obsession to find a dining room rug. That is my dining room above, which I posted about yesterday celebrating the arrival of our new pendant lamp. However, aside from the table and lamp (and that cute green jar that I got at Pottery Barn), that is all that is in the room. It's time to work on it! The reason why I'm starting with the rug first, is because that will determine what curtains I get.

As you can see in the picture, I have big, white, shiny tiles throughout the house, so I need a big rug to cover up most of the tile and break up all of that white. Idealy, I would love something with a large print, but I'm still bouncing around on the color. Eventually, Mango and I would like to put wood floors in the house, so I want something that still looks classic and not trendy. Ever since I started decorating this home, I've realized that I keep picking neautrals! Browns, whites, greys, tans, you name it. It's a neautral, I love it. So I'm thinking that the rug I pick will be neutral with a graphic print and introduce pops of color with accessories, which could be really good if I opt to change the color of the room, I just have to change the accessories!
In my quest for a rug, I am finding it really hard to find the size I need (8x10) on my budget ($500...max). Ideally, I'd like to pay between $250-$350 for a rug, and if I order it, I know there are shipping and taxes involved. Leave it to me to fall in love with a $900 rug from's beautiful! (Insert sigh here). It also comes in a great red pattern that I was also looking at, but I really like the espresso:
While I still keep an eye on it everyday to see if it happens to go on sale, I am using this for my inspiration and am off to find something similar. I found this one at Pottery Barn, it has a $600 price tag, closer to my budget, so I'm waiting to see if it happens to go on sale:I hopped over to West Elm and found this jute rug at a great price, only $300. The only thing that has me not hitting the "add to cart" button is that I'm not sure how this type of rug would work in a dining room, usually I've seen it in a main living area like in the pictures.
This one from Urban Outfitters is a bargain at only $68, but alas, it doesn't come in the size I need:
Then I started thinking outside the rectangle and started thinking in the box, or Flor tile in this case. While looking through their patterns, I found this pattern that could look cool, I could combine the tiles with solid brown tiles, or just do all floral like here. An 8x10 is 30 tiles, at only $10.59 a tile, the rug would come out to only $317, not bad.
Besides the Anthropologie rug, I still haven't found anything that I love, however that Pottery Barn one is a close second. If anyone has any suggestions of where I could look, please, feel free to give me a shout. For now, I am off to find a rug!


Emily said...

Found you through the D&R board, love the rug search. I'm currently dealing with the same thing. I love that West Elm rug, and think it might work in a dining room if you vacuumed frequently.

Macy Dawn said...

Oh, please tell me how you solved this dilemma. I'm on a rug search of my own to try and cover up the tiling in our apartment's living room. I love wood floors and I'm trying to find the best way to work with the tiles we have. Any course of discovery would be so beneficial!