Friday, August 8, 2008

The week is out!

It's finally Friday...Whoo Hoo! Which means that as of today, Mangonett's fashion week is officially over. It was a lot of fun constantly searching through all of those great fashion finds! However, as you could see, some home decor posts slipped in there. What can I say? It's an addiction! The above picture is from my sister's new photography blog, she just bought a brandy new camera and has basically become the paparazzi of our family. I must admit though, she's really good.

So far we have an action packed weekend in store. Tonight, is date night, I'm not quite sure what we will be up to just yet, however we always end up saying "this was a great date night", so I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow is my friend Abby's baby shower! We're finally able to shower little Mable Grey with girly gifts tomorrow, this has been a long time coming, 9 months to be exact. Since she didn't want to know the sex of the baby until it was born, everyone was patiently waiting. I bought her a little brown dress with white polka dots and little pink ballet slipper shoes to match...too cute! Of course, since her older brother was my buddy first, I scored him a super soft teddy bear. I'll take lots of pictures and post later, it should be fun, I think they are doing a chocolate theme!

Saturday night we get to see our good friends Nishlo! They were part of our bridal party when we were married and Mango and I were part of theirs. After they got married in February they moved up to Orlando, so unfortunately we only get to see them when they come down to visit or we go up. Last time they came down we went for fondue at the Melting Pot...that was an adventure! While Mango and I just basically eyeballed when the food was ready, they took advantage of their new iPhone and decided to time everything, those nerds. Not sure what we are doing Saturday night, it's usually decided on last minute depending on what mood we're in...yeah, we live on the edge.

Sunday is basically going to be a "Whatever we would like to do" day. I love those. However, the house is in serious need of some attention, so I have a feeling, I'm going to be cleaning most of the day. Along with that, we also need to work on the backyard now that we finally have a patio set! That right! We got one last weekend at Bed Bath and Beyond. While walking around the store we walked past the outdoor furniture department as saw that they were having a great sale. They had our table at 60% off! It was too good to pass up, we also got some matching chairs and the whole set came out to just $94! Yey! Of course we combined the great deal with our stack of 20% off coupons and finally have our patio set. However, it's still extremely humid and hot outside, so for now, we just stare at it through the sliding glass doors. Here it is (sorry about the picture quality, Mango took it with his phone that night that we set it up, but there it is!):
Now that we finally have some furniture out there, it's time to start working on the back yard and get it ready for when it starts getting cooler and grilling season starts...I'm sorry, football season. Looks like it's time to start pulling out those inspiration pictures again!

Happy Friday to you all, have a great weekend!! See you Monday!


JennyLo said...

Yayyy how exciting! Congrats on the new patio furniture!