Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion Week Came to Me

Whenever I have a moment to peruse the Internet, I take advantage and scour the sites for pictures from this week's Fashion Week at Bryant Park. Being that it's only Wednesday, there isn't that much out there yet. However, last night while I was studying, I was doing my normal routine of playing music off of You Tube and found Nylon Magazine TV, a You Tube off shoot to the quirky fashion and pop culture Nylon Magazine. This site has behind the scene videos from Fashion Week, including interviews with some of the designers and footage of the runway shows!

The site is updated regularly, which means I can have fashion week coming to me 24-7...yeah baby! They even got footage of the William Rast show, which was a little weird if you ask me with that mini-movie going on in the background. Oh well, that's art I guess.
Check out this Patrica Fields interview that was posted yesterday:



Sarah Danielle said...

love Pat Field!! can't wait to see more from fashion week!!