Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm into Graffiti

What is it about typography that we love? Personally, I love how it allows you to express a little bit of yourself, whether it be on a T-shirt or a wedding favor. This morning I stumbled upon a great website called Wonderful Graffiti. They specialize in creating rub-on decals that you can put anywhere you can think of! You can either buy a pre-made decal off the the site or have one custom made for you.

I fell in love with their chalkboard decals, in fact, that's what caught my eye. I thought it would be a great addition to my upcoming chalkboard project! The chalkboard crossword was my favorite, you simply send in some names or words for them to include and voila! You have your own crossword!
The Sudoku puzzle was another favorite of mine. I've been obsessed with the game for a while now and Mango just recently jumped on the bandwagon:
Along with their great chalkboard graffiti, they have wonderful decals that you can place around your home. I love these family decals:
And they have some awesome ones for the home:
They've even created a site for weddings! For brides that would love to have a personalized logo or saying on the dance floor they can create a decal that can be easily peeled off. They have everything from favor tags to personalized chocolate lollipops!
Happy graffiti day everyone!


CoutureCarrie said...

Really cool post! Graffiti is super popular on clothes now too - even Christian Louboutin has a "tag" line!!