Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More on the Mangonett Reading List

The three day weekend is now over and a super busy work week has just started. It seems like everything tends to come in waves in my life, right now, work is super busy and classes have started which means I'm going to be studying...a lot. Oh the insanity!

While this might interrupt my blogging time, I will always try to keep up with my favorite blog reads. If any of you happen to keep up with some of my favorite blogs (posted on the right) you will see that I have added some new ones. Usually blogs tend to stay on my favorites list for a while, and when I catch myself checking them regularly, I know it's time to add them to my blog roll. Here they are, happy reading!


Jennifer Ramos said...

Hiya Mango Gal!

thanks for commenting on the giveaway!
Don't forget to come back on Thursday! : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

Sarah Danielle said...

Thanks for adding me to your little list! I am blushing! :)

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

I get *SO* excited when I see a list of new-to-me blogs to check out! Yay!

desmitten said...

thank you for adding me to your blog roll, i'm honored!