Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy 3 Day Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! Do you know what makes this Friday even better? The fact that it's the start of a long weekend! Yey!
We don't really have any set plans for the weekend other than relaxing and taking it easy. Mango and I did, however, decide to to an all night movie marathon Sunday night to celebrate the fact that we have off Monday. We used to do a lot of these before we were married, mainly because we were on a tight budget while saving up for the wedding and movie rentals were our main form of amusement. The latest we've stayed up was until 4am, let's see if I've still got it in me!

This weekend we'll also have a guest, my sister! (That is a picture of us rocking the pirate hats in Disney and doing our best Zoolander impression). As it turns out, my dad invited some friends to stay over for the weekend, which means that my poor sister was kicked out of her room. Instead of sleeping on my parents sofa, she'll be staying at our humble abode in the guestroom. She's stayed with us before whenever she comes over and doesn't feel like driving home late at night, but this will be the first time she's with us for the whole weekend, I must say, I'm pretty excited! She's even more excited because as of Saturday, she will now have cable in our guestroom. Yes, we are making the switch from Direct TV to Comcast for that coveted HD and a better picture on our TV. As a result, cable is being installed all over the house! Yey! Which means I get my TV in the kitchen soon.
Speaking of TV, Mango and I have started making a list of all the shows we record on the TiVo so that we can program them on the DVR. My goodness do we watch a lot of shows! Safely, over 30! It doesn't really feel like we watch that much TV, however I do realize that we are big TV people. My only consolation is that these shows come on at different times during the year, still, that's a lot of TV. I seriously need to start cutting down...eventually.
Another special thing about this weekend, it's Labor Day weekend! Which means, sales! This is one of the best shopping weekends of the year, however I'm still partial to Black Friday in November. I was so delighted to have received the Pottery Barn e-mail announcing their Labor Day sale this morning. So I hopped over and found a couple of things that I am loving:
Ada Side Table Caitlin Bench Baldwin Table and Floor Lamps
Sailboat Wall Art
Case Glass Vases

Have a happy and safe weekend! See you on Monday!


karenb said...

Hi Christine....I love those bright yellow vases! I'll try to make a trip on monday..also Pier 1 has a great sale going on!

Sarah Danielle said...

Those lamps are gorgeous!

JennyLo said...

Ohh nice choices! Seems were are doing the same this weekend. Maybe we will bump into eachother on our shopping adventures. Happy shopping!!

tamsterg said...

It's a PARTAY WEEKEND AT THE MANGO RESIDENCE!!! WOOT WOOT! haha :) I'll bring Pride and Prejudice... the BBC version :)

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOVE those lamps!