Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Still Life

Having a picture wall that is a work in progress causes two things to happen. One, you are constantly looking for interesting frames that add something different to the wall, and two, you become obsessed with finding amazing pictures to put in those interesting frames. Ever since I have started our picture wall, this has been one of my many projects. However, when it comes to the picture aspect, I have realized that I have a secret sister!

Ever since my sister figured the "point and click" aspect of a camera she's been taking pictures, in fact, we've lovingly called her "Tamarazzi" for a while now. About a couple of months ago my sister took her hobby of photography to a whole new level. She upgraded to some professional style cameras and is now taking some awesome pictures! She's still in the learning phase, my mom has told me that she has sat their many times while my sister takes picture after picture of her testing different shots. A while back she started her own photography blog called Still Life. I'm loving all of the quirky pictures, especially her miniature series, so much so, that my house is slowly becoming my sisters personal gallery of her work. I've already put in a request for some of my sister's pictures and am adding these to my collection, I'm thinking they will look adorable on the wall:


tamsterg said...

Hey! Those are my photo's!! YAY!! :D

Sarah Danielle said...

I'm going to check out her blog now!

JennyLo said...

Oh wow another blog to keep me entertained throughout the day! Those are pretty good so far! Congrats Tamaratzi!
Ps- I have been researching and researching for a good/affordable slr camera. That is my next big hobby after the wedding :)

Fabulous Fêtes said...

i love the pictures!!!! tiny tiny things! awesome!