Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From Store to Store

Yesterday was a rather productive day. I managed to get a lot of my errands done and fit in some fun shopping. In my previous post I wrote about how excited I was to head over to Organized Living to find some shelving units for my downstairs closet. I pictured getting something similar to this: A wood shelving unit like in all those adorable pantry pictures that I've always seen, except half the height and with only 3 shelves. I figured it wouldn't be too difficult to find, in fact, when I walked into the store I was greeted with not only these units, but they had them in different would finishes and also had them in a stainless steal rack option. I was so excited! Then the girl hit me with the estimate and I nearly fell into my shopping cart, $203 for a 43" high 32" wide unit. I said thank you and quickly left the store with my estimate in hand. While the wood shelving units are beautiful (the metal is really pretty too, but more expensive), I really wasn't too keen on spending over $200 on a shelving unit that is going in a closet and no one will ever see. If it was one of those amazing open pantries, probably, but not for this. As soon as I got home, I searched online for another option and found this at the always trusty Bed Bath & Beyond:
It's not the wood unit I originally envisioned, but it'll do just the trick! I'll put it in the closet to keep everything organized, items like serving platters and bowls that I can't keep in the kitchen and appliances that we don't use everyday, but still need like blenders and mixers (this will really help free up some counter space). Best part, it comes with only a $50 price tag...take that Organized Living! They also have a "skinnier" version that might also fit well in the corner of the closet.

During my visit to the always wonderful Z Gallerie yesterday I picked up some really cute accessories for the house. I am in love with their metallic frames, they come in green and red, I bought a red one for my photo wall, it looks really funky against all the other frames.
I also scored this awesome red lacquer bamboo vase for the family room:I'm going to head over to Michael's later today to find some cool twigs and plants to decorate it with. I have it on the floor since it's really tall, I'm thinking it needs something else to go with it, something big and round, maybe like this:
Not sure yet, I'll get back to you on that one. After that I headed over to Sephora to play with some of the new fall items that just came in, I spent most of the time smelling all the new body washes from Philosophy...Cherry Cola is my favorite! However the Red Velvet Cake lip gloss was a lot of fun too. Ahhhh....I love days off!