Monday, October 6, 2008

A Wedding Dress and a Box of Rit

I couldn't help myself from writing this post, I was mesmerized by this wedding dress DIY project! Being that I'm one of the many brides that currently has my wedding dress preserved in a box, merely to be looked upon, but probably never worn again (knowing my future daughter, she'll want her own dress), I must applaud Sherry from This Young House for her awesome conversion of her wedding dress to a chic party dress. Bravo! With two boxes of black Rit dye, she managed to turn her beautiful backyard wedding gown into a pretty gunmetal gray cocktail dress for many parties to come. You go girl!
Sherry posing for a picture at her wedding

Sherry posing with her best friend, Cat, at her wedding


Sarah Danielle said...

What a smart idea! But I could never change the color of my dress... I love it too much!

dbrown said...

She had the perfect style of wedding dress to use again as an evening dress.

The dress looks so chic in another color!