Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Friday hot stuff!

Happy Friday everyone!

This weekend Mango and I are going to be busy, busy, busy! I'm determined to finish up my fall cleaning and wouldn't you know it, my overly ambitious self decided to tack on some more items to The Hyper Homemaker's list, like paint one of the closets! Yey! Well, it really needs it.

Sunday we're spending the day with family, which should be nice since we haven't all gotten together in a while, and in just 2 weeks we are off to North Carolina to visit Mango's parents! We can't wait, especially to experience the cold weather. So I'm going to go through our closets and making sure we have everything we need, like sweaters and jackets. Since we don't wear those items often, lots of them will need a good dry-cleaning or maybe some replacing...that means shopping!

Have a happy and safe weekend! See you on Monday!


Aartee said...

You want cold weather?? Come to NJ...I grew up in NC and miss the mild winters so much...I am not made for the cold! Good luck with your cleaning :)

Sarah Danielle said...

Happy cleaning!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun this weekend!!! See ya Monday :)