Thursday, November 20, 2008

My honey-do list.

We are leaving tomorrow for North Carolina and there is still so much to do! At work I'm trying to make sure all my projects are closed up and that the lab is nice and organized for the week I'm gone (it helps my boss find things easier when I'm not here). Good thing is that I'm pretty much done with that, which leaves me time to write a list of everything I have to do in the next two days:
1. Get the car washed! We're driving up, so a clean car is a must.
2. Today I have a 5:30 appointment to get my eyebrows waxed...they are like Bert eyebrows.
3. Stop at the grocery store and pick up some much needed snacks for the trip.
4. Buy socks! Living in Florida, you don't tend to wear them very often since flip flops are practically mandatory. However, it's in the 20s up there, so I'm going to need some more socks.
6. Take out all of my sweaters and coats, and find my pesky scarf.
5. Pack! We need to be all packed tonight and ready to go.
6. Tomorrow, get a mani and pedi.
7. Drop our fish off at Grandma's (she's babysitting).
8. Wrap my in-laws gift. We bought them Mario Kart, they've been wanting it for a while.
9. Tidy up the house:
- change the sheets
- sweep and mop floors
- dust
- change out towels
10. Relax...can't start off a vacation stressed. I think it's the perfect time to watch the last episode of my recorded ANTM.

I'm off to conquer my day!


Aartee said...

Good Luck getting everything done :) I hope you enjoy your week in NC!

Jackie said...

That sure is a long list... GL! Have a wonderful trip. Happy Thanksgiving.