Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in my flip-flops!

We're finally back from North Carolina! Mango and I spent all of yesterday basically bumming around the house and staring at the TV in an absolute coma just because we were too tired to do anything else. True to my lazy self, I still haven't gotten around to uploading our pics, but I can always count on my trusty little sis to have some posted already!

Above is the backyard view from my in-laws house (Pretty huh?). At night though it turns pitch black and you can hear things scurrying in the trees, Mango and I would sit out there with the flash light and see these cute little dears hanging out:
I can basically sum up our week in 3 ways: We ate, we played Wii, and we shopped...the end. Like I said before, the diet went completely out the window and instead was replaced by a contest of who could eat more, but it was worth it! Downstairs Mango's parents set up the Nintendo Wii, which meant that every night there were some serious Mario Kart contests and an endless supply of tennis and bowling matches:
That's me in the middle playing my new cousin Nick on Mario Kart...I won by the way (can you see the intense concentration?). On the other side is my mom-in-law and my husband, both taking a rest from the previous game. When we weren't eating or playing video games, we shopped. Mostly, we ventured into all of the little local shops around Asheville, so adorable:
I'm in the white coat watching my dad-in-law play a kicking game with his nephew, boys.