Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sewing like the wind!

Jessica Schroeder, author of the amazing blog What I Wore, has started an online sewing class! I'm so excited about this because I have always wanted to learn how to make my own clothes and lately, I've been toying with idea of making my own curtains, so this would be a great way to learn. She includes everything from diagrams to video tutorials on her blog, and right now is starting with the skirt pictured above. My mom is pretty crafty with the sewing machine, maybe I can sweet talk her into giving me a few lessons ;-) If you want to learn how to sew, I highly suggest you check out her blog.


thehomebound said...

I love her blog! I am doing the online class and am so excited about it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm glad I found yours.