Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Diary

I'm so excited to start off the weekend and get some much needed R&R. You remember that cold that I had a while back? Well, if you can believe it, I still have a bad cough that has been keeping me up at night, and this week it has reached it's pinnacle. I managed to score an appointment with my doctor this afternoon in the hopes that she can give me something a little stronger than my NyQuil Cough and Vick's Vapor Rub. Along with my hopefulness to get something good in the "will kill anything that makes me cough" family, these are my weekend to-dos:
1. Take chair for a upholstery estimate
A while back I found an adorable little chair for $15 at a furniture liquidators for our guest room. It had a great shape to it and fit perfectly in the space, however it desperately needs a face lift with some fun fabric. After quite a a long time on the hunt, I finally found a place that does upholstery. Today on plan on taking the chair in for an estimate and perusing some of their fabric samples.
2. Nishlo's anniversary dinner
Our friends are celebrating their 1 year anniversary today! They're going to host a dinner at a local restaurant and then bringing everyone back to the house for dessert, sounds like a easy going Friday night filled with food and bubbly!
3. I know I say this every weekend...Clean!
I must say, I have done extremely well following Martha's 6 Things You Should Do Everyday (look out for a post next week) when it comes to home keeping. The house has stayed nice and tidy, but this weekend I plan on giving the house a good scrub down...let the battle begin.
4. Sleep!
The cough has left me very tired...I plan on sleeping a lot this weekend :-)

Have a wonderful weekend! See you on Monday! Until then, here's a litte something to dance to:

Image via Pia's Blog


JennyLo said...

Sounds like you have a busy but amazing weekend ahead of you. Enjoy it!